Being Zany and Crazy through video one VIDEO at a time! :)


Thanks for sticking by me on my newfound love…

NO, not Jacob even though he is yummy. My webcam. vlogging has become my new favorite addiction. It could be worse. I think.

Yes, I am still writing my novel, I’m up to 24,207 words or something like that.

Behold my sticky notes:


Comments on: "Super Sticky note Tuesday! YEAH!" (15)

  1. You are too funny! I don't think I could vlog! I don't like my voice on tape!!! Keep on going with your novel! Do I get a signed copy when you publish?LOL

  2. singedwingangel said:

    Those are too cute and I sooo hear ya on Jacob. Although I have never sent he first movie or read teh first page of the series I know hot maleness when I see it lol..

  3. Lee the Hot Flash Queen said:

    My webcam should be here any day…not sure what I'm gonna do with it though.

  4. Ohhhh NaNo….curse it. I'm so far behind I can still see the starting line.

  5. Kristina P. said:

    In Salt Lake, they are doing these huge New Moon showings. They are doing shows with Jacob themes and Edward themes. I think the tickets are $39, but they include gift bags and so forth.I will be waiting a few weeks to see it. I don't want to be pummelled when I start laughing.

  6. LOve your stickies today…I saw your Vlog last night, funny stuff.

  7. The Princess of Sarcasm said:

    I'm intrigued by the vlogging…..must hear more. And I am sooo Team Jacob. I was Team Bo instead of Luke, too. I like my men VERY manly. Not all purty…MEATY! Mmmmmmm.

  8. Jacob is good looking, edward is every girls dream, but Emmett is for the real women. Or at least this real woman.Nice work on Nanowrimo! I was all about it last year, I just can't get my ass in gear this year and am really hating myself for it. I hope you win!!!

  9. I have to agree with Melissa, I think Emmett is the real man!! Or at least who they got to play him in the first movie looks pretty darn good!! I love the stickies Alexes!!! I should start doing these too!!!

  10. Tater Tot Mom said:

    I think I'm going on a clothes picking up strike. If it's not in the basket, I'm not washing it! :)Good luck with NaNoWriMo-it hasn't kicked your butt yet! Keep up the good work!

  11. Something about that vlogging that makes us keep coming back for more!!!

  12. Hello!! Of course Diet DP is my drug of choice too. I'm on my second 44 oz cup today. I'm bad, but it is the only thing getting me through today! 🙂

  13. I'm drinking diet dr pepper as I'm typing this! Though I really miss diet cherry vanilla dr pepper. That stuff was the best.

  14. Vodka Logic said:

    VEry good.. and I don't think I could vlog either.

  15. Jaime Theler said:

    Oh, man. I want my own sticky notes, too! Must. Resist. Must. Write. Note to self: check out the sticky note link later.

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