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Okay. I’m somewhat slow I guess. I signed up for Facebook about a year ago. It’s cool. Then I found out about Twitter. I registered but HARDLY did anything with it. I mean WHY?

I have seen the light.

Twitter has a purpose. Get this. You can update Facebook with one click of Tweetdeck. Cool huh? That way I don’t even have to log on to Facebook. (Well I could later in the evening for small stuff.)

Isn’t that fantastic?

I (HEART) Twitter AND Tweetdeck.

WhoEVER came up with these wonderful programs I would like to send them a tweet and THANK them! I mean what a timesaver!

Does anybody else tweet?

Or use Tweetdeck?

Please add me. I follow like 84 people. I want more followers. (I’m so selfish aren’t I?)

MY twitter handle is @aquamarine76 OR you can click on my left sidebar.

I hope to see ALL of you very soon on Tweetdeck.

Hmm. Can you update your blog from Tweetdeck? I’ve got to figure that one out. :))

PS I wrote all of this twitter stuff last night, totally forgetting Today is Veteran’s day. I went to a Veteran’s Day parade last Saturday. I am TRULY grateful for my freedoms. People who have fought or ARE fighting in a war are people to honor. So please take a minute and honor those Veteran’s on our lives.

Oh and head on over to Mormon Surrogate. She did a great job of expressing what is in my heart today. Thank-you!


Comments on: "The Allure of Twitter and Tweetdeck ETC…" (14)

  1. singedwingangel said:

    sooooo not a twitter fan lol and I have no clue about tweet deck.. I know I know I seriously need to catch up with the times.. But I don't wanna, stomps foot adn digs in heels..

  2. Tater Tot Mom said:

    Yeah, I tried twitter for awhile, but I'm so long winded, it was really tough for me. I did finally do facebook but haven't really utilized it. Guess I'm not as with it as I thought! 🙂

  3. Lee the Hot Flash Queen said:

    I don't twat anymore. You can update your twitter through your blog, but I don't remember how it works…

  4. I'm working on bonding with twitter. I will go follow you now!

  5. I love Twitter. It's a great way to blast my new articles to all my followers and others.There is a Twitter widget you can put on your sidebar.

  6. Kristina P. said:

    I refuse to use Twitter. It's all too much. FB, blogs, Twitter, etc. I don't want to know that much about people!

  7. MormonSurrogate said:

    I'm not much of a twitterer. I'm on there though: surropepperbird.I do think it's cool how you can update more than one place at a time, I need to check that out, because I've been wanting to do that, but haven't gotten around to figuring it out and finding the right thing to link it all. So thanks.I'm having issues with my blogs being posted on FB. I thought they were being posted automatically but then today I had to manually post it on FB. Can you imagine? Thanks for the mention and linkage.. you're awesome! 🙂

  8. Sophia's Mom said:

    i never got twitter but now i am totally hooked!!! i haven't used tweetdeck but since you like it so much i may have to try blogging has really affected my facebook profile. i hardly ever log on.thanks for following my blog and grabbing my button.http://www.thewannabewahm.comAND TO ALL THE VETERANS: WE SALUTE YOU TODAY AND EVERYDAY!!! THANK YOU!

  9. Insanitykim said:

    I tried the twitter and it was just, eh…But I have it on my toolbar at the bottom of my blog so I can at least throw my new posts out to the twittererererererers out there…

  10. Confessions Of A Working Mom said:

    I have read so many posts lately from people who are really getting into twitter. Even my *boss* (my much-older boss!) is into it… I just don't get it. I feel so out of touch.~Elizabeth

  11. I have twitter but I hardly ever use it. I would much rather be on facebook!

  12. HeartsMakeFamilies said:

    I use it all. Tweetdeck, Twitter, Facebook.. ok myspace didn't get me. lolPlease stop by my blog. I left you an award.

  13. I have a lot to learn about Twitter…don't quite get it yet! But you are motivating me!

  14. I just couldn't get into Twitter, so I canceled my account. Oh well. I'm doing good updating Facebook, although I don't know I would have gotten into that if it weren't for it being the way we communicated with my late brother in law while he was serving in Iraq. I prefer blogging any day! 🙂

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