Being Zany and Crazy through video one VIDEO at a time! :)

I got this idea from Chief AND Supah mommy Let’s hope it turns out OK?
(Psst. Don’t forget to read my other Tuesday post and sign up for the blog party if YOU want.Late Night Monday thoughts–CLICK HERE!)
Here we go!



Comments on: "Stick it to me Tuesday–LOVE this!" (15)

  1. Emma Louise said:

    Hehe.. those sticky notes are so cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Christine said:

    I love coming here and getting my Air Suply fix!!!! ROL, reminds me of the hubs. Anyhow, Post It Note Tuesdays ROCK and I too am addicted. The possiblities are endless. Funny ones…

  3. That is sooo funny.

  4. Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said:

    Love the sticky notes ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Write, write, write. Love stickies! And for a blog! Even better. Enjoy the new laptop. I would die, die, die without mine!

  6. DaveandRuth said:

    Cute blog! The sticky notes are cute! But I do have to differ with you, Chris Noth is hotter!!!

  7. So funny! I may have to make a few stickies of my own!

  8. Love the notes!!! I find I get addicted to making them as well.

  9. Love em! =)

  10. Reluctant Housewife said:

    I wonder if there's a sticky note intervention program? lol.Fun post!

  11. That's funny-Chief did a post it about the new blogger and said she loves it. I'll have to check it out.I would kill for a laptop!

  12. SupahMommy said:

    mama kat say what?? who what where when why?and did you play air supply FOR ME???? I will just not listen to your answer and believe that you MUST HAVE SEEN my post it s a few weeks ago.xoxoxo suso glad you played along!

  13. SupahMommy said:

    and umthat's xoxoxosuPAH

  14. I'm so addicted to stickies 2! Its to hard to stop writing them!

  15. Confessions Of A Working Mom said:

    I love everyone's post it notes! You crack me up with yours, especially about Matthew McConoughay (I know, I totally butchered his last name)… c'mon, every girl is entitled to at least one celebrity fantasy without fear of reaction from her hubby, right?~Elizabeth

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