Being Zany and Crazy through video one VIDEO at a time! :)

I wish I had something romantic to put here. But to be honest with you, I probably check my email and facebook. Pretty lame, huh? I just want to know I’m NOT missing out on anything before I go to sleep. Maybe one of you had a bad day, and that one comment will make you happy. And for Facebook, I like looking at pictures. So if any of you posted a new pic, I have to CHECK it out!

I thought I would try this FJ1W (For just one week.) thing from Erin. You see every so often she challenges herself for a week. I am going to try it this week. I want to change my bedtime routine. For just one week, I will kneel on the floor beside my bed and pray thanking my Father in heaven for getting me through another day. My prayer habits have been severely lacking, and I need to work on that.

Then I’ll check FB and Blogger. LOL. Probably not. Then I have to work on my husband to come to bed with me at a decent time. Lately he comes to bed after midnight. We’ll see how it goes this week. I’ll report on my labors next Monday.

This Saturday is Halloween!!! YEAH!!! Time to stuff our faces with the chocolate man! YUM-O! This year we are going to a Trunk OR treat at the church this year. It should be just as good. Any place serving hamburgers AND hotdogs and CANDY has got to be good right??

Hope everyone has a better wake-up than me. (My smoke detector woke me up because its batteries died.) UGH!

What are YOU doing this year for Halloween?

Comments on: "What’s the LAST thing you do before going to bed? AND other Random stuff…" (12)

  1. My evil plan to prevent sugar overload is to take the kids to Sea World on Saturday. It's a 9 hour round trip, so hopefully the special Halloween shows and activities are worth it…

  2. I'm the same way. On blogs and facebook until bed. Here's something scary….I blog on my laptop and facebook on my Iphone at the same time.

  3. DaveandRuth said:

    Why does he wait so long to come to bed? I am usually in bed about 10, my husband before me.

  4. October 31st is my BFF's husband's birthday so we will take the kids trick or treating and then we'll go to his birthday party.Before I go to bed I put some "magic" eye cream under my eyes so I don't wake up like a raccoon, then say my prayers, check on my kids and go to bed.

  5. MormonSurrogate said:

    I am usually watching tv with my husband before bed. He falls asleep before me 90% of the time. But then sometimes he gets that second wind and is up for a few more hours. However, lately he's been waking up dead tired, so we've been going to bed around 9:30. I do tend to check e-mail/FB/Blogger before bed, especially if hubby's already fallen asleep. When he's awake, I try to spend time with him, because after being a Navy wife, I value that time together so much more. We have been trying to do family prayers every night before bed. It's hit and miss, but getting better.We do trunk or treating here on our street. It's so much fun. I love our ward and neighbors. I think they're having hot dogs, scones or doughnuts. It will be great! They do it kind of early for the little ones.. so later, we'll take our kids to trick or treat and their grandparents.

  6. Eva Gallant said:

    That cartoon was cute! I usually buy a bunch of candy for the trick or treaters, and then eat what I don't hand out!just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

  7. Jillian Livingston said:

    In my search to find blogs that are written by people who…well…love to write, I found you.Hmmm, let's see, the last thing I do before I go to bed is say, "don't fall asleep, don't fall asleep", as I lay down with my three boys and then I fall asleep. Then I wake up two hours later and crawl into my own bed with my book left unread for yet another night.We pay for our bad habits!!!


    the usual – trick or treating and then eating the good stuff after my son goes to sleep – not all of it but most of it – he doesn't need all that junk

  9. Good luck with your goal this week! I know I often just collapse in bed because I'm so tired, without kneeling. Sorry about the dumb smoke detector. Ugh.

  10. Halloween carnival is what we will be doing because it's free from 6 to 8! And the last thing I do before going to sleep is READ! Unless there's some chocolate around…

  11. Shraddha@theselfloveproject said:

    me too! on internet before sleep romance here…!!!visiting via MBC followers club!following you now. Do follow back!

  12. Lisa Anne said:

    I have to watch the news before i go to bed and as soon as I wake up. I LIKE HAVE TO!! I don't know, I guess cause I didn't know 911 actually was happening and now I always check the news ALL the time. I think I'm obsessed with it. I pray to God and my mother. I thank God everyday for all he has given me and my family. Shhhh no one knows I pray. it's my secret!

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