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Okay. Last night I was about to begin preparations for dinner a song came into my mind. First there was a lot of chorus then the song title…RUN AROUND SUE….

This is wierd because I did not grow in the 50’s. My parents did but I didn’t.
I think I shall blame this little song (which BTW STILL won’t get out of my head) on my Dad. He also used to listen to music from his Era when we were in the car together when I was a teenager.

So this post is to all you bloggers out there who have a song STUCK in your head for a while…
Here’s the link…Listen to it for me will ya?:D

Run Around Sue!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!!!


Comments on: "What was in my head last night during dinnertime…" (4)

  1. Yey, first post today…I hate went certain songs get stuck in there and I can't get them out. My oldest knows that and he comes with these stupid songs of his (I wish it was Run Around Sue)and sings them to me till I start singing them.

  2. Crafty Girls Workshop said:

    Hey, I'm stopping by from SITS Saturday Sharefest. I know exactly what you mean about songs getting stuck in your head. Your blog is super cute. Keep up the good work.Anna

  3. Tabitha@ichoosebliss said:

    Hi!I am a HUGE fanatic of music from the 50's(my mom's time period). That song brightened my day!"Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest"

  4. Drives me crazy when I can't get a song out of my head (especially if it's a song I'm not particular fond of!). Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Have a great day… pk @ Room Remix

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