Being Zany and Crazy through video one VIDEO at a time! :)

First of all I want to thank my amazing talented cousin for taking these pictures. Her name is Megan and she started taking photography classes about a month ago. She is really talented.

Is it just me or does everyone feel like this about laundry? I mean once you think you are caught up somebody brings down another hamper and you start all over again. When I originally saw this picture I thought to myself, maybe if I stuff myself in the dryer the laundry will go away. (Second thought, how does one stuff themselves into a dryer anyway?) And thirdly, That is a TON of clothes! I have probably had more around my washer if that is even possible. (Yes it is.) Laundry is the bane of my existence but I still have to wash clothes. (Well we all could go around naked but since I don’t have the body of Cindy Crawford or Kelly Ripa I’ll spare you that, ok?)

I have come up with a solution for keeping up with laundry. Stay on top of it. Don’t neglect your dirty clothes. (I know this is easier said then done when everything else calls our attention…FB, Blogging, exercise, our children…etc…)

I have tried to keep up with laundry this past month. It is looking better. Now if I could stay on top of putting it all away…

The other picture is classic mother to me. We need a little peace in our life. We enter our bathroom (that is suppose to be a sanctuary, but instead is filled with our children’s toys) for a bubble bath. We are too tired to take the toys out of the tub. We crawl into the hot water and breathe. Relaxing? Not really. I have a rubber duck floating on my toes, I am sitting on a little pony, and Barbie is staring at me as if to say, “Don’t you think you could lose some weight?”
But as mothers we relish in our bubble baths WITHOUT the children. Hopefully we have locked the door because if we haven’t in a minute there will be NO privacy. I personally like bubble baths. The toys are not a problem anymore because we have 3 bathrooms. 🙂 Do yourself a favor all you mothers out there, go take a bubble bath. Tell your hubby you need some time alone for a bit and just relax. It opens up your mind and reminds us that we need to slow down every once in a while. Thanks Megan for the reminder.

I hope everyone has a Happy Monday!


Comments on: "Laundry Days seem to NEVER end…" (12)

  1. Jennifer Juniper said:

    I'm with you, laundry sucks! It eats me alive, too. Your birds and bees question will be about boobs, so then we'll be even :)Jen

  2. laughing about Barbi in the tub! great pics too!

  3. Hilarious pics! I will definitely say that laundry is never, never done. Just like dishes. The only up side is that we aren't doing it by hand any more!!!! (Did that on the mission…wouldn't recommend it!) Have a good one!


    THERE! TAKE THAT! I'M FOLLOWING YOU NOW TOO! i also loathe the laundry pile! you should go to my blog and look up LEIGH VS. LAUNDRY – she REALLY hates it!

  5. MormonSurrogate said:

    I can totally relate to all this!!! First- I too have LOADS of laundry, and just when I seem to think I'm close to catching up, somehow, more is found. My kids seem to put dirty laundry everywhere but where it should go. And yet I think sometimes when they don't want to put away their clean clothes it ends up in the dirty clothes pile. So frustrating! Then they complain that they never have anything clean to wear. I actually like doing laundry- I just hate putting it away! it's hard, because if a room isn't clean, then I don't want to or just plain can't go in it to put away the laundry.. therefore the clean laundry piles up in laundry baskets but I only have so many of those, so then I can't wash anymore. *sigh* As for the bath… yeah I think it's been a year and a half since I've been able to take a bath because the only bathtub is in the "kids" bathroom. I'm lucky if I can open the door in there.

  6. I have not learned the lesson on laundry. I'll do okay for a while and then get sick or really busy and then I don't catch up for months and months and months and years and decades and centuries….And I can't remember the last time I took a bath. Seriously, can't.

  7. Lisa Anne said:

    The bathrub picture is wonderful. lol I do bake!! Nothing that takes more then 2hrs to make though. lol I use to bake during football season, but no one was around to eat the goodies and so I've been crafting a lot lately as you can tell from my blog. I'm off to read more of your posts and become your follower!

  8. Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said:

    Hilarious picture!

  9. I Wonder Wye said:

    Laundry doesn't end…it's the gentle special washes that drive me batty. And the folding. Excy irons though — he is exceptional at it. Since we had a housekeeper growing up I never learned and after ruining a shirt of his he took over. He swears I did this on purpose. I didn't think of that, it just worked out! Stopping by from SITS……

  10. thatdesigngal said:

    Ah, I hear you about the laundry. And I am just dealing with the man's and mine. He has proven that he can't do it, so I am the sole washer. But you are right, I have learned to keep up with it. And I HATE putting it away. It is like the worst part… hmm…Stopping by from SITS, hope you are having a great night!~mary

  11. LOL!!!! So agree with all of that, except that I'm too picky about the bath, and will take all the toys left in it and throw them out. But luckily I've trained the kids to clean up their tub toys, and I don't have to deal with it all that often anymore. But yes, you should see my mountain of clothes that need to be folded on my love seat at the moment. Aghh… And I totally know that is the #1 key is to KEEP up with it, but blah… sometimes, I don't want to when I'm already so spent on everything else. But I should just make that a goal this week, and start there. I'll fold up the clothes in the morning, and slowly get on top of the laundry. Thanks Alexes. Oh and I LOVE baths!!

  12. Head on over here to my other blog to see my post for today. I had fun writing this one.

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