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Celebration! We are here and finally getting settled!

WOW! It feels like an eternity since I have actually blogged. I am on a computer, (It’s my father in law’s but we are borrowing it right now) But it feels good to be back. Facebook is back, although I will try hard not to get sucked in this time. HEHE! Really I will do it, I want to be a better housewife, mother, wife etc….
Anyway, I wanted to post some pics of the new townhouse. Keep in mind they were taken in the process of unpacking so there ARE many boxes! Living room is finally cleared out….Thank goodness! Next project–the bedrooms!
We went to our church last week! Good folks live in Mesquite too! People introduced themselves to me, and I cannot wait until that quarterly Enrichment meeting! I need to meet some more Nevada folk. I need friends people!!! (Any of you blogger friends live near Mesquite and want to visit let me know) I should do a blogger luncheon sometime soon!
Already the bishop has asked us to speak in church! Not this Sunday but next Sunday. That was quick. Can’t hide now. Gotta attend church now…HAHA! I don’t believe our family has ever spoken in church. It should be interesting. It is on Commandments.

Well that’s about it. I’ll post some of those townhouse pics now!!!
Have an AWESOME day folks!!!!!

About me.

First look who endorsed me? MY favorite muppet in the world! KERMIT!
WATCH and laugh!

Well, considering this is section where you find out about me I better talk about myself right? HEHE!
Without further ado–watch this little vlog about myself. If you would rather, you can just scroll down and read the written word if you’d like.;)

I am 33 and a mother of three beautiful daughters.
I LOVE bubble baths, they totally DE-stress me. Chocolate is a God-send, and I love my pajamas! (I wish I could stay in them ALL day.) Another fondness that I have is to read. I read many books and I also write. I finished my first attempt at a novel in Nov 2009. I am also thinking about attempting to write a non-fiction book.
Any-hoo, that’s me in a nutshell!
P.S. I also am very interested in reviewing products on my blog–movies, books, you name it, I’ll do it–if I think my readers will be interested. 😉
If you want to contact me, oneclutteredbrain (at) gmail (dot) com is my email.