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The Lord loves us!

I’m not sure how many of you who actually read my blog are of my religion but I am going to write this anyway. I need all of you to know how I feel. If you feel inclined to know more about what I have said you can also go to for more answers.

So I was checking Facebook today and I recieved a message from a friend that touched me very much. She told me how much she appreciated our friendship. I only lived in this place about a year, but in that time we have gotten to know each other. Our children have played with each other and we (my friend and I) have had the chance to blossom a great friendship. She mentioned to me that we are “kindred spirits” as Anne of Green Gables would say. Yes, I believe we are. I just want to say, I am very grateful for my time in Provo UT. My husband wasn’t always employed well, he suffered a bad injury on his hand which put him out of work, but my LOVE for the gospel of Jesus Christ has increased tenfold. I had the chance of serving the children in my church! No wonder the Lord blessed his children! He loves them as much as he loves us. He specifically knows each one of us and loves us. This I know. Sometimes he sends friends to us in our time of need. Because He knows what we need at each moment of our lives.

I know the Lord loves me. I know the Lord loves us all. Look at the wondrous beauty of this earth. In some places, the leaves are beginning to change. (I don’t think leaves fall here in Mesquite, but hey, we’ll see.) Let’s take a look around us today and see who might need a helping hand or a friend. Really you never know what great friendship will blossom if you never try. It’s okay.

Thank you, my dear Provo friend. You know who you are. And could you please try and blog more, ’cause when you do it feels like we are on the phone talking to each other. I need that sometimes.

Hope this entry didn’t bore the heck out of any of my followers. Thank you for taking the time and getting to know this blogger for a friend. I appreciate it. Maybe someday we will meet. 🙂


Comments on: "The Lord loves us!" (2)

  1. DaveandRuth said:

    Kindred spirits are wonderful! I feel that with a select few people. I hope things go well for you and your wonderful husband!

  2. Hey I couldn't have written this better if I had written it myself. Best of luck to you two.

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