Being Zany and Crazy through video one VIDEO at a time! :)

*Just a quick note, Motherboard is NOT stopping at 200 comments for her sweet I pod giveaway! So what are you waiting for? After you finish my sweet blog entry, go on over and enter. You could win. You will never win anything if you don’t enter. 🙂

Motherboard should be so happy now! She has 200 comments on her giveaway!! If you ALL haven’t checked out her blog you should. She is insanely funny and she ALWAYS makes me laugh. She is giving away an I pod for her birthday. She talked about how she needed just 7 more comments until 200—“Come on people” she said, enter already. I’m not sure if she was stopping at Comment 200 or not. But even if she was she is an awfully cool lady to get to know. I can’t wait until a blogger lunch or something…I really want to meet this gal. She is AWESOME! Anyway if you haven’t heard about this AMAZING giveaway, please enter. And if she was stopping at comment 200, I’m sorry. (I think I left a comment on comment 200.) She gives away things ALL the time though. Follow her so you will be able to enter next time okay? CLICK HERE FOR THE IPOD GIVEAWAY OR JUST CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT ONE AMAZING GAL!

Okay. My toddler needs me now. And YES I haven’t forgotten that I entered that giveaway to give homemade items to you all. If you all will just be patient I’ll get on that in July, August. I DO have until the end of the year though. Mom with a herd, Mother Goose, and WHO ALL entered again? If y’all don’t respond, I’ll just check my blog entry again. THANKS!!!!!

When I blog again, I might be on the East Coast! YEAH for vacations!!!!


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