Being Zany and Crazy through video one VIDEO at a time! :)

Some of you may or may not know I started to feed a stray cat back in February. She was strictly an outside cat–only sometimes we would let her in and play with her. Then we found out she was expecting! (She is an inside cat now.) 🙂 Well we have been taking care of Mama and her kittens for quite some time now. It’s time for them to leave the nest. One of the kittens, (who we nicknamed Stripe,) is leaving us today. One of our neighbor’s friends is picking him up today. Here are some of the things I will always remember about Stripe.

~The way he used to lick/kiss the inside of my ear
~the time he crawled in between the plastic on our bed and got stuck (the plastic on our box spring mattress is still in the bed, our bed sits on the floor)
~His personality, Stripe was very fun-loving.
~the way he used to play-fight with his siblings!

So today this post is for you Stripe!
We love you Stripe, and may you live a LONG AND healthy life!


Comments on: "Those crazy kittens of mine. . ." (3)

  1. Merrianne said:

    awww! cute cute cute! i love kitties!

  2. MoonNStarMommy said:

    I loove kittens – I miss ours 😦

  3. Chas Hathaway said:

    Good ‘ol cats. I miss having a cat. We had one growing up. Then I got married, and unfortunately my wife’s allergic. Instead, we have a hyper (to the tenth power) dog – you know, the kind that get so excited when they see you that their tail throws them around the yard, smacking them against fenceposts and spilling water-bowls. I guess I traded the soft graceful companion for a slober-throwing worshipper. Oh, well. We have fun! Cool blog, by the way!- Chas

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