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Did you just ever have one of those days? Kids woke up late for school AND took forever to get dressed, PLUS it was the day I carpooled the neighbor’s kids to school, took them then came home for my children. WHEW! I was tired at 9:00 and my day had hardly begun.
I puttered around the house for a little bit and then my friend called. She told me she did need some help that day. (My friend was feeling overwhelmed by everything and just needed some company.) I walked to her house and as we chatted over washing the dishes, I realized how valuable friends are to me. I am grateful I had the chance to serve her today (even though it was just the dishes).
So it started OUT a rushed day but it ended well. I am grateful for the little things we get to for each other–Aren’t you?


Comments on: "Did you just ever have one of those days?" (2)

  1. MoonNStarMommy said:

    awww I’m sure your friends are proud to have you too! Friends are very important. I miss mine – seems like they are all so busy with their own things lately – and I’m such a homebody too..

  2. Breeze said:

    You should have said something!! I wouldn’t have bothered you. But I did really appreciate it. Thank you so much… And I too agree.. Friends are really important.

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