Being Zany and Crazy through video one VIDEO at a time! :)

Contests-Anne Bradshaw

Oh My GOSH!!!! Let me just breath for a minute.

That’s better. I am a member of Mommy Mormon blogs. YEAH! I am just about following all LDS authors that blog. YEAH! I am going to enter contests/giveaways like crazy maybe I’ll win something sometime. If I don’t ever enter, I might not win, right? Check out Anne’s awesome contest/giveaway, It ends tomorrow so hurry up and sign up!


One more thing, I have to win guys. So if you win something send your good luck winnings in my direction. I never win anything from the Mom nerd. Mom Nerd just changed her look! Check her out! The Mom Nerd–CLICK HERE!

Thanks for following me! And if you haven’t started following me, WHY not???:) Looking forward to meeting all of you in my Bloggersphere!


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